Attention Moraea lovers

Don Leevers
Wed, 20 May 2015 22:43:03 PDT
Dear robert,
great news.I have a giant Moraea huttonii in flower .Its been at it for
weeks.I look foreward to receiving some seed of your other ones at some
Best regards,
Donald Leevers (southern Italy)

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 12:19 AM, Robert Werra <>

> Moraea lovers rejoice. Despite the drought, My few raised beds of moraeas
> in No. Calif. put on their best show in ten years. The sparse rains must
> have hit at the right time. I gave the bulk of my 25 year collection to
> Michael Mace in San Jose caretake for the future. The remainder have
> been a delight and there will be many seeds for moraea lovers. They began
> in Feb. with M.ciliata(white and various blues), M. macronyx(yellow and
> yellow-white), M.aristata, bellendini, calcicola, fergusonii, fugax,
> flicaulis, gawleri, gigandra, loubseri, luridaa, papillionacea, polyanthos,
> serpentina, stricta, tortillis, tricuspidata, tripetela, tulbaghensis,
> vegeta, villosa in assorted colors,and ending now with the wonderful  M.
> vespertina. It opens when yuo are at supper or vespers with large white
> slightly fragrant blossoms which fade by dark. Between my brush but mainly
> bees and bugs many are producing seed for BX and you. If you have special
> interest let me know.
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