Phaedranassa Virdiflora

Fred Biasella
Mon, 11 May 2015 05:49:33 PDT
Hi Heather,

I kinda made it up after reading some of the posts on free draining mixes and I use this as my typical (default) mix. Depending on the plant, I will make adjustments to the mix and make it either finer or coarser. I have quite a few clivia and they seem to prefer the coarser mix. After doing a little research on Phaedranassa, I figured they would appreciate a similar free draining and organic mix. Do you grow Phaedranassa? 

Warm Regards,

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How did you come up with your planting mix?

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> Hello Folks,
> I just unpotted a large pot of this Phaedranassa in the hopes of 
> getting it to bloom. Originally I purchased three bulbs and now have a 
> pot full of them but no blooms. I'm thinking they don't like my soil 
> mixture (peat mix, perlite, small redwood chips, small coco chips, 
> granite, coarse sand and
> charcoal) it's the same I use for the clivias and they seem to like it 
> due to its free draining nature. Like I said, they've grown and 
> multiplied but no blooms. I even keep them cool and dry in the winter 
> like the clivias, dice. What am I doing wrong? Help?
> Warm Regards,
> Fred Biasella
> Cambridge (Boston) MA
> USDA Zone 6b
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