Neomarica candida

Robert Hoel
Wed, 13 May 2015 17:42:41 PDT

Yes, the flowers are beautiful but they last such a short time.  Are all Neomarica like this?

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> Hello Bob, yes these adventive offshoots can be planted, in order to vegetatively propagate the crop. Neomarica obtained their name "Walking Iris" through their growth behavior, which is, that this mostly 1 and sometimes 2 offshots which develop after the bloom, will eventually force the straplike scape down to the ground by their weight; then the offshots will settle in (well if there IS soil under them). Their behavior reminds me of Chlorophytum Lilies. Howevere I just discarded my specimen, because the bloom is too little as compared to the size of the crop, which will comprise numerous fans after some seasons, but the individual flowers fade after 6 hours.    

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