Alliums, Triteleia crocea, and others (non-bulbs) in the new Amateur Anthecologist post

Travis O
Mon, 11 May 2015 18:33:55 PDT
This morning I published a new post to my blog, The Amateur Anthecologist, including many native plants to my area and plants in my garden, mostly in the context of pollinator interest. The bulbs photographed in this post are Triteleia crocea, various Alliums in my garden, and a few other geophytes and cryptophytes.

I've compressed the link with (awesome site) so it will link correctly:

In the case of the Allium's, I am trying to observe how different species and hybrids attract different species of bees or different types of pollinators. For instance, I observed hummingbirds visiting my giant elephant garlic flower heads, yet they visited no other Allium. Similarly, honeybees visited shallots and chives but ignored the others. Each year I acquire more Allium's (not only the "food" types), so may eventually find a pattern of pollinator attraction in Allium's, at least for the kinds of pollinators in my region. I'll keep ya posted on my observations!

Hope ya'll are well! For all the mom's, Happy Mother's Day!

Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR

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