New Moraea hybrids, 2015

Michael Mace
Mon, 25 May 2015 15:56:07 PDT
Hi, gang.


Fair warning -- I am going to talk about hybrids.


My Moraea hybridization results for 2015 are now posted online. The
highlights for this year include a flower with long black eyelash streaks on
the tepals, one that looks a bit like a white-skinned pumpkin, a nice bright
orange with pale blue eyes, and (as I mentioned on the list a couple of
months ago) what I think may be the first documented Moraea X Homeria cross.


If you're interested, you can see photos of my favorites here:…


If you have trouble with that link, here's a shorter version:


As for species Moraeas, I spent a lot of time this year trying to puzzle out
the difference between Moraea bellendenii and Moraea tricuspidata. According
to Goldblatt's book, the main difference is that tricuspidata is white and
flat and while bellendenii is yellow and cupped. But what if you have a pale
yellow-white one that's sort of cupped? Is it a hybrid or a color variant of
one of the species? Supposedly you can tell the difference by measuring the
filaments (the little stems that lead to the anthers). But the darned things
are only a few millimeters long. Just try shoving a ruler into a tiny little
flower. I ended up plucking off some of the stamens so I could measure them,
but the stems that i got were shorter than they should be for either


If anyone can enlighten me, please let me know.


It's become hard to find seeds of Moraea species I don't already have, but I
did get my first ever flower from Moraea unguiculata, just last week. The
flower is ridiculously small -- it would fit on the tip of my finger. After
I saw it I realized that the photos I've seen in books are all heavily
magnified. Anyway, it was cute, and also notable because it was the first
time I've gotten a flower from seeds supplied by Often their
seeds have failed to sprout for me.


I'll have some seeds of various species for the BX later this summer, but
nothing like the bumper crop that Bob Werra just discussed. Bob, I think
you're right, raised beds are the way to go in our part of California!



San Jose, CA 

(zone 9, min temp 20F / -7 C)


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