Calochorti in SoCal

Michael Mace
Wed, 13 May 2015 14:10:48 PDT
Chad wrote:

>>We regularly hike in the San Jose -  Almaden Quicksilver area and St.
Josephs Hill near Lexington reservoir .  Especially this last weekend there
were hundreds of white Calochortus (venustus ?) and a few yellow (luteus?).

Check out the gland (the hairy nectary at the base of the petal) on the
white ones. If it's square, they're probably C. venustus. If it's crescent
or V-shaped, they're probably C. argillosus. Around Almaden I've found only
argillosus, with a wide variety of gloriously complicated markings in pink
and yellow. I've seen plants that looked like C. venustus in the east hills
(Mt. Hamilton).

Hope that's useful.

San Jose, CA

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