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Fri, 22 May 2015 07:57:53 PDT
Hi Jim,

It's a hybrid developed by Royal Colors but for indoors, at least in my climate of Cambridge (Boston) MA but I suspect it would do wonderfully in zone 8 plus. The Red and Yellow Garden hybrids tend to form many daughter bulbs in a short time and would probably fill a 1 or 2 gallon pot in a single growing season. I happen to like the multiple bulbs that have many flowering stems at the same time, it does give the sense of a "Garden" but in a pot. A bonus is that with all the offsets, you could experiment growing them in different conditions or give them as gifts.

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Fred B. wrote:		I have a few ripening pods of H. "Red Garden" (clump forming hybrid)

Dear Fred,

	I have never heard of the Hipp. ‘Red Garden’ or the ‘Garden’ series. Google did not provide much information. Can you tell us more about this variety or series. ?

	Do you actually grow it in your garden or is it strictly too tender for that?   Here Hipp. x johnsonii survives (barely) in the garden and blooms some mild years. I’d love to have others.

		Thanks		Jim W.

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