Stagonospora Treatment

J. Agoston
Wed, 27 May 2015 21:14:06 PDT
Dear Pamela,

Bulb mites can also cause red blotches on Amarillidaceae. Here i use captan
and tebuconazole (active ingredients) for red blotch, but i re-treat the
bulbs-plants after 10 days and wait to see if new leaves are healthy. If
the blotches are only on the bulb and on the leaves they appear as
horizontal stripes/zones it is usually because of mites, which needs a
totally different treatment.

Hungary, Z5a

2015-05-27 22:22 GMT+02:00 Pamela Slate <>:

> Dear PBS,
> Following an exceptionally wet nine months, I have Stagonospora on
> Habranthus magnoi and Zephryanthes spp. I completed the treatment
> recommended on the wiki using the bleach method and red blotches remain on
> bulbs and their roots.
> Is the solution perhaps too weak? I've soaked other bulbs (Sparaxis for
> one) in a 5% bleach solution without ill effects.
> I cannot use chemical treatments. Suggestions anyone?
> Very much appreciate it,
> Pamela Slate
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