Phaedranassa Virdiflora

Fred Biasella
Sun, 10 May 2015 10:52:42 PDT
Hello Folks,


I just unpotted a large pot of this Phaedranassa in the hopes of getting it
to bloom. Originally I purchased three bulbs and now have a pot full of them
but no blooms. I'm thinking they don't like my soil mixture (peat mix,
perlite, small redwood chips, small coco chips, granite, coarse sand and
charcoal) it's the same I use for the clivias and they seem to like it due
to its free draining nature. Like I said, they've grown and multiplied but
no blooms. I even keep them cool and dry in the winter like the clivias, dice. What am I doing wrong? Help?


Warm Regards,

Fred Biasella

Cambridge (Boston) MA

USDA Zone 6b

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