Can hippeastrum evansiae produce h.evansiae seed? (Rick Buell )

Diana Chapman
Thu, 07 May 2015 08:03:38 PDT
I have two clones.  One which used to be called H. anzaldoi which comes 
from Bolivia, and another (the one usually in circulation) from Brazil.  
They look different, the H. anzaldoi having no or very little peach 
coloration and smaller flowers that are ruffled along the edges.  Some 
sources say H. anzaldoi has been sunk in H. evansiae.  Anyway, crossing 
them produces seed.

> I was told recently that h.evansiae can never be started by seed, i.e. the flower of this species won't accept the pollen of another (non-clonal) h.evansiae, therefore if h.evansiae produces a seed pod, it's necessarily a cross. Does anyone know for sure either way?
> Thanks,
> Rick Buell
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