New winter-growing Gladiolus hybrids, and a Calochortus

Michael Mace
Sat, 28 Nov 2015 18:54:05 PST
I've been experimenting casually with hybridizing some of the winter-growing
Gladiolus species from South Africa. Some of the crosses have come out very
nicely. To me they look a bit like Alstroemerias, with rich colors and a lot
of contrasting streaks and stripes. But they're easier for me to grow. (In
my climate, Alstroemerias tend to die out unless they get some summer water,
whereas the winter-growing Glads are happy with total summer dryness.)

I finally found the time to post photos of the results from spring 2015. You
can see the best ones here:

I also posted photos of a couple of Calochortus hybrids:

San Jose, CA

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