Bulbs & Deer

Jim McKenney jamesamckenney@verizon.net
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 11:06:55 PST
Linda wrote, of deer : "They don't like dogs!  "
I agree. Until the leash laws became effective, we never saw deer. Long ago there was a single sign in the park cautioning drivers about a deer crossing. None of us had ever seen a live deer. Now they are everywhere. Driving home the other night through the park I saw groups of them browsing the roadway verges. The car passed within about two yards of them and they did not stir. Others were not so lucky: I think I passed three carcasses in varying degrees of decomposition that night. I've seen as many as seven of them together in my small suburban back yard. They have trashed the local flora, not only the low growing plants but tree seedlings. At the rate they are going, our eastern deciduous woodlands will become savannahs.Once my Shih-tzu Biscuit, barking furiously, attacked a group of deer: startled, they started to run and then stopped, looked back in disbelief at the twelve-pound noisemaker, and resumed munching. I see red foxes frequently here, but they are not doing their job. 
Jim McKenneyMontgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone7, where the local turkey vultures and black vultures are very well fed. The black vultures now visit on garbage collection day and raid the trash bags - and are so engrossed (that word seems appropriate) with what they are doing that they ignore nearby pedestrians. 

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