Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for (questionable) sale

Gordon Hogenson
Sun, 15 Nov 2015 10:48:15 PST
Can someone in the know clarify the legal status of L. ledebourii?
The ESA lists L. occidentale, and L. pardalinum ssp. pitkinense is listed, but I was not aware that any other Lilium is legally classified as endangered.  I'm not as familiar with CITES plant lists, but I think if it were listed there, it would appear on the NARGS list of restricted plants:, unless it's out of date.
Of course the plants in the wild still need to be protected, and seed collecting should be done responsibly, but with no listing from ESA and CITES, would it not be legal to import the seeds using the appropriate Plants for Planting permit?
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 Subject: Re: [pbs] Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for (questionable) sale
Hi Bea, actually, he said:

We have seeds of rare Lilium species , Lilium Ledebourii .This is a rare
Lilium species ,if you are interested you can contact me privately I have
good amount of fresh seeds from wild plants "

This is what got me started on the thread, wondering if our membership
would do the right thing, or if some would be tempted despite the
endangered status.


On 15 November 2015 at 19:01, bea <> wrote:

> ......That said I do not think the gentleman from Iran ever said the seeds
> were wild collected unless my memory is shorter than I think........

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