Freesia laxa as annual?
Sat, 21 Nov 2015 07:02:31 PST
Hi Martin, 
No need to try and grow them as annuals, I dont know anyone doing that.  F grandiflora is likely to be more tender than F laxa, the latter can survive against a wall here north of NYC, and it is small enough to be easy to manage under lights.  Both like to seed around, the F laxa more so than grandiflora.  Although F grandiflora only grows in summer rainfall areas, it seems to want to come up in fall and grow through winter, F laxa in its other than blue form (that one seems to be a winter grower) can come up and bloom any time it wants. 
Ernie DeMarie

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Hi List!

Being in a highly experimental starting phase of my "bulbs from seed" 
career,  I started Freesia Laxa and F. grandiflora back around the 15th 
of june - yes, I know, rather strange time for that. Right now, about 5 
months later, I have the first open flower on F.laxa subsp. laxa, and 
big buds on Joan Evans and F. Grandiflora, just in time for the first 
freezing in my Zone 7 central Europe garden. They're still in pots, so I 
think I'll shield them from the worst cold, but the extremely short time 
to flower makes me wonder: does anyone cultivate them as  pure annuals 
in  my or any colder climate? I imagine starting them indoor in March 
together with the tomatoes could get them to flower in late August, if 
they keep the timing. Or do I oversee something obvious?

Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a

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