Growing under lights

Leo Martin
Thu, 05 Nov 2015 19:51:10 PST
> ...I recently replaced the common sort of lamp with a modern
> fixture intended for growing plants, purchased from a neighbor....

Hi Jane,

We're on the cusp of a big change in growing under lights. What light
fixture do you have now? Your question can't be answered without this
information. If it's fluorescent, what is the color temperature in K?
Its supposed wattage? If it's LED, what information do you have on the
fixture? If it's something else, what information do you have on the

Do you care whether your plants look pretty when the light is turned
on? This is now an important question for non-commercial growers,
since LEDs in pink and blue provide what plants need to grow with
minimal wasted electricity, but look very strange to people.

Leo Martin
Zone 9?
Phoenix Arizona USA

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