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Chris_Herbstritt cherbstritt@yahoo.com
Mon, 30 Nov 2015 06:14:30 PST
This is in response to Jane's question about daffodils blooming now in the states.  Narcissus cantabricus monophyllus bloomed a few weeks ago here in Maryland. Various seedlings of N. cantabricus foliosus are at different stages of bud now. One looks to be about 2 days away from blooming. We need some sun and warm temperatures to push them, but it's been 45F and rainy.  

I am interested to know of any other winter-hardy fall or winter blooming daffodils for zone 7 (species or hybrids).  I think Steve bred a Christmas blooming hybrid several years ago but I don't know the cultivar name or its hardiness.
On a different but related note...  Various forms of Galanthus reginae-olgae and peshmenii bloomed about a month ago here. Now G. elwesii var monostictus are in full bloom.  I have heard some people call this species elwesii var monostictus Hiemalis Group.  Most have the typical inner green chevron mark but some have three spots looking like the spring blooming cultivar named 'Grumpy'.  There is even one with slightly green-tipped "outers" as is common with the spring forms of elwesii.
Chris HerbstrittGermantown, Maryland USA

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