Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for (questionable) sale

Sun, 15 Nov 2015 14:19:16 PST
As far as PBS in effect advising others in these matters, what David says
is correct. At the same time, Ernie I think asks us to consider some
philosophical aspects of this topic and that is an avenue that anyone is
free to pursue or not. The conservation of cultivated plants (and wild
plants) is an evolving pursuit and the common wisdom among horticulturists
and the regulators both have undergone radical changes within living
memory. These changes did not involve our participation for the most part
and we should ask why us "end users" should not have a place at the table,
if for no other reason than to be better informed in our own thinking about
plant conservation.

A better future for plants in the wild and for growers can only develop
where there is open discussion among a wide range of voices. A few years
ago the USDA asked for public input on proposed changes to plant import
laws. It was heartening to see the responses from many different people in
different, even unrelated fields, with little redundancy. No one was
advocating for breaking the law but they openly questioned the wisdom of
certain ideas in our laws or potential laws.

Dylan Hannon

> Please stick to the letter of the law here on the PBS list.
> My future plans do not involve doing time for conspiracy.
> People from the appropriate authorities are members of this list and
> have explained the rules in the past.
> The list archives are public and persistent - this is not the place to
> say anything you might wish to deny in the future.
> --
> David Pilling

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