Scilla madeirensis (and a swap?)

Rick Buell
Mon, 02 Nov 2015 22:04:04 PST
I bought one from Longfield Gardens, and it grew pretty well, although the inflorescence was somewhat smaller than expected, probably due to my inexperience with these. It appears to have set 2 seedpods, which may answer the question of self-fertility if the seeds prove viable. My main advice is to use a terra cotta pot of 1 gallon or more, and not too much pumice. It should not be too dry during the growing season, and very dry in dormancy. This is all based on limited experience, and is entirely open to correction/revision. I had a good experience both with the plant, and with Longfield Gardens.

I would like to find an established seedling/non-clonal s.mad plant, to swap for my established seedling of pamianthe peruviana, which is almost 2 years old. If anyone would like to discuss this, please email me privately. Thanks. 

Rick Buell

New London, CT

From:"linda thames" <>
date:///Mon/, Nov 2, 2015 at 3:19 PM
Subject:[pbs] Scilla madeirensis

I really know nothing about Scilla madeirensis I believe some of you purchased these bulbs last year from Longfield Gardens.  I wondered how it came out with you and if you have them growing this year. Linda

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