Gardeners, was Japanese trowel/knife of some sort

Fred Thorne
Fri, 20 Nov 2015 07:57:11 PST
Here at the nursery we offer just such a service...we are a full service 
nursery; plant sales, design, construction and garden maintenance.  We do 
not offer lawn cutting service but instead weekly, monthly, twice yearly and 
annual clean up of your garden. We change out annual plantings as needed 
along with weeding and  fertilizing. If our field staff is unable to answer 
a question or solve a customers problem they will request the help of a 
specialist at the nursery. I am sure there is other nurseries that offer the 
same service...something the big box stores do not offer. Would be worth 
checking into at your location.

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Wishing someone could help weed one's garden is a common dream,
especially as our knees age. The USA (also, judging by Rodger's note,
Canada) is sadly lacking in such people. There are plenty who bill
themselves as "garden designers" despite apparently having learned their
trade by reading books written in entirely different parts of the
continent; acquaintances of mine have fallen victim to these plausible
poseurs. As for actual gardeners, there is little opportunity for young
people to learn the trade. College horticulture programs focus on
commercial "landscape" services and agriculture, not on private gardens.
I know several brilliant working gardeners, but for a viable occupation
they have had to work in public agencies, commercial nurseries, or
gardens of the wealthy. When one of them retired recently, I wndered if
he and his wife (both trained at Wisley) might teach their skills; don't
know if they will.

The only really good gardener who has worked for me now has a fulltime
job in an environmental field and his own nursery too. Now I restrict my
outsourcing to jobs requiring power equipment and brute force. As for
me, back on two good legs for the present, this weekend is for cutting
down the peonies and tomatoes, and doing something about the leaves
before they smother the snowdrops (Galanthus reginae-olgae just putting
up buds).

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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