WAS: Seeds of Lilium ledebourii

youngs youngs.aberdeen@btinternet.com
Mon, 23 Nov 2015 11:07:18 PST
Pamela  Harlow wrote that she  had  home-grown seed of Lilium ledebourii 
(ex Archibald 633.950) -
May I ask Pamela, through this list, since I do not have her email 
address,  if she has any photographs of her parent plants
  she would be prepared to share with me.
*I would be most interested to have such photos to add to the Archibald 
Archive in the Scottish Rock Garden Club website.*
Indeed I would be glad to receive any photos from any PBS members of 
plants grown from Archibald seed  to enrich the
archive of the remarkable James Cartledge Archibald on http://www.srgc.net/

Such photos may be emailed , complete withtheir JCA  or JJA numbers, to  
Kind thanks,

  Margaret  Young

*Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for sale*
Pamela Harlow (/Wed, 18 Nov 2015 10:09:53 PST/)

I am sending home-grown seed of Lilium ledebourii (ex Archibald 633.950) to
Dell, along with a few other items. All are from 2014; I don't have 2015

Pamela Harlow

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