Growing under lights

Tim Eck
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 14:35:29 PST
Interestingly, with fluorescents due to their geometry, it's closer to a
simple (first power)  inverse except at the ends of the rows.

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> Using a light meter is an important part of growing under lights.
> Understanding the The inverse-square law for light will aid in your
> placement.
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> I have no experience growing tender bulbs under lights in winter, since at
> former house there was a solarium where I could keep many plants frost-
> free. Now I have a small (but very convenient) house, and the only place
> overwinter plants is in the garage, where a former owner installed a tall,
> sturdy workbench with a fluorescent light fixture above it. I recently
> the common sort of lamp with a modern fixture intended for growing plants,
> purchased from a neighbor who is closing down his indoor growing now that
> his "crop" is legal in shops here in Oregon.
> I just moved my tender plants onto the bench, but I'm not sure whether all
> of them will tolerate the light level provided. Many are South American
> South African, both monocots and dicots, and I'm sure they will enjoy the
> bright light, but I also have some of the less hardy Cyclamen species.
Should I
> shade the latter? I think Cyclamen persicum is probably as light-tolerant
> Cyclamen graecum, which grows well for me in full sun, but I know Cyclamen
> creticum grows in woodland. I don't know the habitat of Cyclamen
> rohlfsianum.
> I was going to move a pot of Hyacinthoides lingulata (formerly Scilla)
> but it's doing so well in the unheated bulb house that I left it on the
> patio. PBS member Paul Otto recently photographed this charming fall-
> flowering bulb "taking over" a raised bed in his garden on the southern
> Oregon coast, where most winters are relatively mild. I have seen leaf
> damage on it after freezing, but the bulbs survive. I may add some next
> summer to the area under large Douglas firs now planted almost entirely to
> Cyclamen hederifolium, if I don't think a mass of blue, pink, and white
will be
> a little vulgar.
> Advice on the Cyclamen species will be welcome.
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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