Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for (questionable) sale

Michael Mace
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 09:33:07 PST
Subs wrote:

>David was polite. Understand that no means no. Take it elsewhere.

Hi, Subs. I don't think I've seen your address before. Perhaps you could
introduce yourself?

Just to clarify, I think David's right that this is not a place to discuss
ways to evade government regulations. It is, though, an OK place to politely
mention the wisdom of those regulations, as long as we don't let the
discussion go on for a long time or get nasty. 

Or did I miss something?

San Jose, CA

PS: The rainy season arrived here two weekends ago. For those of you who
don't live in a Mediterranean climate, this is our equivalent of spring --
you can almost feel the land starting to wake up after the long summer
drought. Amaryllid seeds are ripening, the hills start to turn green, and I
rush through the last bits of bulb planting that I didn't finish in the dry
season. Little green sprouts are starting to appear in many pots. Two thirds
are weeds, one third are bulbs. But which are which? When in doubt, I leave
them -- but that means more weeds later, and I'll never have the time to
pull them all. So I'll call them "indicator plants," and promise myself that
next summer I'll change out the potting mix.

PPS: It turns out that putting window screening around a raised bed doesn't
keep out all weed seeds. Darn.

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