Thanks from a grateful user

Jane McGary
Tue, 03 Nov 2015 12:55:52 PST
The following message came via the PBS website from a beneficiary of the efforts so many of you have devoted over the years to creating the PBS website:

Hi Jane, I recently retired from 10 years of teaching AAS collegiate Horticulture curricula here in Boise Idaho. One of  the many subjects I taught was Annuals & Perennials, and I always, always, used the Pacific Bulb Society's resources for opening up the world of bulbs and tubers to my students and other lecture groups. Over the years I have used many a web URL for visual aids and teaching supplements, but there is none, NONE, I say, better than yours. Authentic teaching moments (when students say OMG, 80 species of Crocus? 81 Narcissus? How about that out of this world Narcissus bulbocodium or cyclamineus? or Iris reticulata? It changes their previous concept of "bulbs" forever....
I am working on a gardening blog, named A Professor's Potager, and for my bulb posts I am telling me readers they have to become familiar with the Pacific Bulb Society (and join). I know that yours are efforts and collaborations of many people, but I wanted to thank someone there for the peerless experience you provide for the gardening and Horticulture world: into bulbs!

Thanks  John Dodson
Associate Professor - Retired - Boise State University / College of Western Idaho (PS I need to become a member which I will do very soon) ...

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