True from seeds (Ferraria)
Mon, 23 Nov 2015 19:34:02 PST
Well I think it depends on what is meant by "kinds".  If different species then they should come true from seed if natural pollinators don't cross pollinate different species flowering at the same time, that of course could result in hybrids.  If by "kinds" she means color forms of a given species, the same probably applies but crossing is more likely as there would be no possible genetic barriers to cross pollination and presumably different color forms of the same species are all blooming at the same time.  The only way to know for sure is to grow out the seeds.  I suspect in either case most of the offspring will resemble the pod parents, if any hybrid or "mixed" color forms of the same species appear they are likely to be in the minority.  I know that at least in some cases Ferraria can be self fertile. 
Ernie DeMarie
In NY where we are going down into the mid to upper 20s tonight but we will get a warmup for Thanksgiving.  And now that one of the big online dutch bulb suppliers has discounted their remaining stock I bit and will soon have hundreds more daffodil, tulip, crocus and other bulbs to plant in early December most likely.  Still waiting for the other company to discount, and no doubt I will be cursing as I end up planting countless bulbs in colder than I like weather.  But next spring will be glorious indeed.
And indoors the many oxalis species are just lovely, and the first Freesia fucata has bloomed, along with Lachenalia viridiflora among the many SA bulbs I have grown from seeds, many of which were started last year as I rummaged thru the seed refrigerator.  

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> I am growing several different kinds of  Ferraria from seed. My question
> is do they come true from seed or will they be different from the parent
> plant. I can not seem to find out any information from looking on the web.

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