Weeds in seed pots and elsewhere

Nicholas plummer nickplummer@gmail.com
Tue, 17 Nov 2015 14:07:07 PST
After looking at some photos, I have realized that one of the weeds in my
garden is a bittercress species.   In my climate, it is a relatively
inoffensive plant that spreads in winter and vanishes in late spring, so it
really doesn't bother spring and summer growing bulbs.  The real thug in my
garden is Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium).  Bulbs don't stand a chance.
It will sprawl over fairly large bushes and smothers any flowerbed that
doesn't get a good thick layer of mulch regularly.  Copperheads like to
hide in it, which makes weeding exciting.

Nick Plummer

Durham, NC, Zone 7, where despite several frosts in the past few weeks,
Crinum 'Mrs James Hendry' is pushing up another inflorescence.  I have lost
count of how many times it bloomed this year.

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