Good news of Peri's book

Jane McGary
Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:04:20 PST
I've heard today that the Alpine Garden Society publication department 
is expecting delivery of Oron Peri's "Bulbs of the Eastern 
Mediterranean" around the second week of December. It is being printed 
in the UK, allowing a shorter turnaround time that I had supposed would 
be possible. It can be purchased at

I've just read the proofs of the book and editor John Fitzgerald has 
done a very good job. Oron's knowledge of the botany of the area covered 
is deep, and his photos are superb and almost all taken in habitat. 
Almost every species covered is illustrated with a good color photo, and 
most of these show the entire plant, not just the flower -- unusual for 
a field guide of this kind, and my preference too.

Many bulb enthusiasts will hesitate to visit the region just now, but we 
can hope that someday it will enjoy peace, and welcome its own people as 
well as visitors. In the interim we can do our best to welcome those who 
come to our countries. Yesterday the refugee center where I help teach 
English received its first group of Syrians, who managed to get here 
despite a process that has been called "the second hardest way to get to 
the USA, next to swimming the Atlantic."

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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