was: Weeds in seed pots, now & more

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 17:00:21 PST

>It's awful how weed seeds blow around. I keep my seed pots in a 
>three-sided, glass-roofed shed, and still cress and Epilobium seeds 
>blow into them.
And in addition there are all those things the birds plant, at least 
in my pots. Some of them come directly from the bird feeders like 
sunflower seeds and millet, but they also bury tan oak acorns so I 
often have tree seedlings coming up. I'm always ambivalent as I rip 
them out knowing that so many of these trees are succumbing to Sudden 
Oak Death. In the beginning I got excited when all that millet was 
coming up not knowing what it was, but now quickly pull it out before 
it gets too far along. My ground in summer is especially hard since 
it is so dry and covered in tree roots in addition my pots are 
especially attractive as an alternative for the birds to use.

At the last Cal Hort meeting I talked to a man who has to cage his 
pots because his neighbor add peanuts to the fence between their 
properties for the squirrels and his pots get dug out as they are 
added to the pots and then the squirrels find the bulbs and he really 
is in trouble. At least I don't have that problem and the resident 
chipmunk seems to have departed after I added one moth ball to each 
Calochortus pot one year after someone on this list suggested that. 
The year before all the flowers were eaten.

Mary Sue 

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