Seeds of Lilium ledebourii for sale

Mohammad Sadegh
Tue, 17 Nov 2015 11:25:14 PST
At the end of this discussion i don't understand what was happen :D

 Mohammad SadeghArdabil ,Iran 

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 Hi Mohammed,
Thanks for your offer.  I do not think there is any restriction on me to import the seed from you with the appropriate permit, which I have.  Have you sent seeds to the U.S. before?
I am interested in your seeds of this species.  Can you comment on your efforts to preserve the wild plants?  I would be happy to know that the seeds you are making available were collected in a way that doesn't pose a threat to the plants' ability to thrive and propagate in the wild.
This is a wonderful species. I am in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in the beautiful state of Washington.  Of course here the climatic conditions might be quite different from what this lily is used to.  In the mountains where this grows, what is the climate like?  I have heard that this lily has a long growing season.
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We have seeds of rare Lilium species , Lilium Ledebourii .This is a rare Lilium species ,if you are interested you can contact me privately I have good amount of fresh seeds from wild plants  Thank you very much


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