No dormancy - was: Boophone planting

Sun, 03 Apr 2016 11:37:03 PDT
Hi Leo,

Thanks for the advice with the Ferraria - we're still several months 
away from 32 °C, so I'll have a look how strong they'll appear then and 
may shield them in-house to give them some extra time if necessary.

trouble with Tigridia Philippiana is: it's not one of the mexican summer 
growers, it's from chile and summer dormant.
The Mexicans I've handled up to now never went dormant in Summer - my 
list includes chiapiensis, orthantha, pavonia and van-houttei for now - 
all strictly water driven, even in last years 40°C for weeks horror summer.



Am 03.04.2016 um 20:21 schrieb Leo Martin:
> I'm not familiar with that Tigridia, but many species are relatively 
> high-altitude, cool-growing summer plants. If they get too hot, that 
> is the end. At higher elevations, air temperatures where other species 
> grow can be in the 25-32C / 78-90 F range. Nights even in the summer 
> may require a heavy jacket. However, they grow in the ground, where 
> soil is not exposed to heat, as would be the case in a small seedling 
> container. If I keep watering Ferraria crispa seedlings, they remain 
> in leaf until temperatures get in the 32C / 90 F range. Then they go 
> dormant. Even small ones are surprisingly strong, and come back next 
> fall. In your situation I would keep watering until they begin to 
> yellow on their own. Leo Martin Zone 9? Phoenix Arizona USA 
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