Late freeze

Pamela Harlow
Thu, 07 Apr 2016 07:45:09 PDT
songs of ice and fire...

Last June my nursery burned to the ground.  I lost three greenhouses.
Virtually every plant in or near the greenhouses was destroyed.
Only the plants on tables in the yard made it through unscathed.  I also
lost every piece of equipment, every tool, every supply and a house and
(We were not living there.)  I had two decades of work in some of those
lost plants.  I had special forms that no longer exist anywhere.
Plants will  break your heart.  One just has to carry on.

Pamela (Seattle)

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 6:52 AM, Nicholas plummer <>

> Hi Bob,
> Sorry to hear about the lycoris.  It would be incredibly discouraging to
> lose the product of nine years effort.  Similar to your Oxalis, I left a
> pot of Agapanthus seedlings outside all winter and am amazed to see that
> they survived the winter.  Seed came off a plant growing at Disney World.
> I'm Orange County, near Hillsborough, but we seem to be in a chilly
> microclimate.  We often have snow when Chapel Hill and Durham get rain. I
> don't have a garage and the greenhouse is overcrowded, so my living room is
> currently full of summer growing bulbs that overwintered in the crawl space
> and had been outside during the past few weeks -- I really jumped the gun.
> Should have left them to sleep until later in April.  I figure my wife's
> tolerance for stepping around pots will only last a few more days, so
> hopefully Saturday's freeze will be the last.
> Nick
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 9:11 AM, Robert Pries <>
> wrote:
> > Nicholas: I feel your pain! I live in Roxboro, NC where the Raliegh news
> > media comes to take pictures of snow each winter. When I first moved here
> > the temperatures were zone 8 for a couple of years but recent winters
> have
> > put us back into zone 7. When I moved here I had an extensive breeding
> > program with Lycoris (ongoing for 9 years) and another with Zephyranthes.
> > But one harsh winter wiped me out. The Lycoris would have made it but for
> > the fact they were all in pots.
> >
> > We had the same freaky weather as you this week. I am not sure where you
> > are in NC. The Lorapetulums lost their flowers and new growth but other
> > than some new pots fresh from Lowes of Hydrangia the the Hydrangia in the
> > ground were fine. All around me people reported 27 degrees F. but it
> seems
> > my hilltop must have shed much of the coldest air. The Crinums look OK.
> >
> > Before the cold I moved a couple hundred pots of various bulbs into my
> > garage and plan to keep them there until Sunday. Saturday night may be
> the
> > last freeze, I hope. Your venting gave me some encouragement. Sometimes
> it
> > seems that gardening is barely worth the effort. I am still mourning the
> > nine years of Lycoris breeding lost a few years back, but I should have
> > brought those pots in. I feel this time I at least partly dodged the
> > bullet. I can not wait to bring out the several hundred bulb pots that
> are
> > dormant in my basement, mostly caladiums and achimines. Of special note,
> I
> > left about a dozen pots of Oxalis triangularis out and they weathered the
> > cold with no damage.
> >
> >
> >
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