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Norman Woollons
Sun, 17 Apr 2016 05:11:10 PDT
Dear All,

I live on an island in the Mediterranean, which being in the mediterranean
climate zone, shares the climate with parts of Southern California.  Many
of the bulbs discussed here are growing well or wild on or around my

I have several Sunset books, like the Western Garden Book (ISBN
0-376-03891-8) where the Sunset climate zones divide the state into 24

My assessment is that I fit into USDA zone 10A as for example last winter
there were perhaps 6 nights when the temperature fell to -2ºC / 28ºF for a
period of time overnight.  But that is not the whole picture, because of
the summer heat, maritime air, humidity, drying winds etc.

My question is thus, does any knowledgeable member here know of a website
where I can put in my particular climate data to find an equivalent I
suspect I am equivalent to zone 22.  I have a weather station on line ( but without trawling individually through the
thousands of S. Cal weather stations to find somewhere similar, I am just
making assumptions.

Thanks for reading my question

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