What to do with bulbs that don't have flowers.

Sujit Hart sujithart@gmail.com
Tue, 12 Apr 2016 06:17:06 PDT
I put in some Tulipa clusiana and some daffodils maybe three or four years
ago. The second year after planting they came back in the spring with some
flowers, maybe 70%. This year I only go one daffodil bloom.  Should I get
rid of all the bulbs and plant something else instead, or is there anything
I can do to get them to bloom again?

Another question is regarding my Boophone. I have had them for three years
now and they are sending out leaves in the fan shape this year (first time
it did this for me). They are currently in a clay pot with potting medium
that consists of 50% sand and 50% potting mix. I would like to keep them
alive until they will flower which is  probably another 10 years or more.
How often should I repot them and is it necessary to increase pot size.
They are in the 8" pot now.

Thank you,

Sujit Hart
Houston, Texas

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