No dormancy (Tigridia philippiana)

Michael Mace
Mon, 04 Apr 2016 22:05:27 PDT
Martin, that Tigridia has been discussed on the PBS list several times over
the years, and the almost universal comment is that it's hard to get them to
come back for the second year. So don't feel bad if you struggle a bit.

From what little info I can find online, that species comes from Region II
in Chile, which is not actually a Mediterranean climate. It's the Atacama
desert. The bulb grows in the hilly fog belt along the coast, at about 700 m
(2,000 feet). Apparently the growing season there is in the winter, but I
have no idea how often the fog appears, or how much moisture it deposits in
the soil.

There are some interesting articles online about the Chilean fog belt. For

Does anyone on the list know more?

San Jose, CA

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