What to do with bulbs that don't have flowers.

Kipp McMichael kimcmich@hotmail.com
Tue, 12 Apr 2016 09:01:54 PDT
  Boophone, and large Amaryllids in general, cannot be over-potted. The largest, deepest pot you can adequately manage is the thing to go for. If you are growing B. disticha, you should certainly consider trying one of them in the ground - I get yearly blooms from my B. disticha in the front garden since I planted them.

> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 08:17:06 -0500
> From: sujithart@gmail.com

> Another question is regarding my Boophone. I have had them for three years
> now and they are sending out leaves in the fan shape this year (first time
> it did this for me). They are currently in a clay pot with potting medium
> that consists of 50% sand and 50% potting mix. I would like to keep them
> alive until they will flower which is  probably another 10 years or more.
> How often should I repot them and is it necessary to increase pot size.
> They are in the 8" pot now.

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