What to do with bulbs that don't have flowers.

Nathan Lange plantsman@comcast.net
Wed, 13 Apr 2016 16:27:05 PDT

Hi Sujit,

With regard to your tulips not producing flowers, some additional 
information would be helpful to accurately diagnose your problem. For 
each tulip bulb that you planted, do you now have one large single 
leaf or do you now have several leaves that seem to be growing from 
daughter bulbs of the original bulb? Also, in the initial years when 
these tulips flowered, did the flowering stems seem noticeably 
shorter than what you expected, perhaps with the flowers opening down 
low among the leaves? Or, were the flowers the height you expected? 
Did any plants come up this year or in previous years with a normal 
rosette of leaves as if they were going to flower but with an 
extremely small aborted flower bud?

As previously mentioned, there is no better source of Narcissus 
suitable to your climate than Bill the Bulb Baron.


At 06:17 AM 4/12/2016, you wrote:
>I put in some Tulipa clusiana and some daffodils maybe three or four years
>ago. The second year after planting they came back in the spring with some
>flowers, maybe 70%. This year I only go one daffodil bloom.  Should I get
>rid of all the bulbs and plant something else instead, or is there anything
>I can do to get them to bloom again?
>Another question is regarding my Boophone. I have had them for three years
>now and they are sending out leaves in the fan shape this year (first time
>it did this for me). They are currently in a clay pot with potting medium
>that consists of 50% sand and 50% potting mix. I would like to keep them
>alive until they will flower which is  probably another 10 years or more.
>How often should I repot them and is it necessary to increase pot size.
>They are in the 8" pot now.
>Thank you,
>Sujit Hart
>Houston, Texas
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