Mexico and Albuca

Jane Sargent
Fri, 22 Apr 2016 11:43:23 PDT
My name is Jane Sargent, and I am not at all a bulb expert. I have two 
gardens, one in zone 5 Massachusetts and one in southern Mexico, at 
least zone 10 and akaline. I am hoping to find contact information for 
good plant sources in Mexico, because sending plants from here involves 
all kinds of paperwork. I want these plants for my Mexican garden, not 
my Massachusetts one. Any help would be appreciated.
My second question concerns 3 Albuca spiralis plants growing on the 
windowsill in Massachusetts. They flowered, and afterwards, to my 
amazement, began sending up lots of new little twisty tentacles instead 
of going dormant. They are beginning to look like the spawn of 
Chthulhu.  Do I continue to water them? Fertilize them, and if so, with 
what? Does anyone know what pollinates their flowers in nature? And will 
they go dormant sometime?

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