Wurmbea mystery

Chris Whitehouse christophermwhitehouse@gmail.com
Wed, 10 Aug 2016 23:31:47 PDT
It has to be one of the old Onixotis as the tepals are free at the base 
(true Wurmbea form a tube). Would need to see the leaves to be sure 
between W. stricta and W. punctata but W. punctata is generally a 
smaller plant and grows in damp areas (W. stricta usually grows in pools 
and marshes and almost always has flowers that are pink with dark 
bases). W. punctata is flowering here at present and I would go for this 


'Here is a picture of a Wurmbea that grows here at Fisherhaven, South 
Africa (a bit of a threatened bulb paradise). The id I get is W. stricta 
but I am rather doubtful while another id has been W spicata!' Can 
anyone identify this plant?

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