Drimia maritima

Pamela Slate myixia1@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Aug 2016 12:08:40 PDT
Jim, I was just about to write to the list - I have ten D. maritima in
bloom, about half the total number of bulbs but many, including some now
 in flower, are still juvenile. The first one I received is from Boyce
Thompson Arboretum where the climate and elevation are similar to mine and
where D. maritima could number into the hundreds among mature eucalyptus
trees and others. That bulb has increased to three and its inflorescence is
the tallest rising to some three feet. Bulb size is akin to that of a
soccer ball. Mine received about 2.7 inches of rain last month.

And I remain certain that the bulb photo submitted by Don Hoel taken in the
Atlas Mountains near Marrakech (on the wiki Mystery Bulbs page) is this
bulb. Would love to hear other opinions on this from list members who grow
this plant.

I'd not expect this plant to flower in Maryland. Congratulations!

Pamela Slate
North Scottdale Arizona where the xAmarcrinum are flowering but look ragged
with brown foliage.

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