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Robert Pries
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 10:20:43 PDT
Mark: your website is coming in quite well on my computer. I have a request for all PBS followers. As you may know the American Iris Society has an online Iris Encyclopedia. It contains about 70,000 pages. Every cultivar has its own page. We include all the cultivars registered with AIS and the KAVB (bulbous). But we also include where possible any Iris offered in commerce whether it is registered are not. It is the only encyclopedic complete reference to Iris, forms, varieties, cultivars etc. It’s emphasis has long been to show the diversity of species and hybrids. Many nurseries have given us permission to add their images to these pages. But I still have a hard time reaching rare plant enthusiasts. I think there is a certain bias against sharing species images for fear they are ignored by all the hybrid enthusiasts. But the AIS wiki attempts to cover all this ground without prejudice. If anything being a former botanist my subconscious probably favors the species. But I would like to invite all of you to take a look and help us fill in the missing unregistered species varieties. Note we show the source of all images and leave watermarks in place so it is a great way to advertise your nursery or brag about your success —Bob Pries its address is my e-mail is The PBS wiki was an inspiration to our work.

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Hi folks,
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I haven't had any problems
accessing it, but if others have then that is not good for commerce. I use
a free blog hosting site to keep expenses low and I don't get any tech
support with that. Anyone wanting me to email them a copy can request one at

Sorry about the access problems


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> I've emailed Mark privately about the problem as it seems to be
> widespread...
> Robin
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