Tecophilaea cyanocrocus "hybrids"

Roy Herold rherold@yahoo.com
Wed, 24 Aug 2016 13:26:35 PDT
When I made the crosses, I was hoping to see some offspring with 
intermediate characteristics, like a smaller white zone. Instead, as 
mentioned, the 'leichtlinii' coloration seems to be dominant. Some of 
the corms I sent to the BX might be unbloomed, so watch for something 
out of the ordinary.

Regarding culture, I've been following Rodger Whitlock's recommendation 
of granite grit (not pumice) with a little organic matter. I've been 
using screened peat/coir potting soil for the organics. They are in 4" 
plastic pots, and don't get watered until the beginning of December, or 
when the shoots are visible. The biggest problem I've had with them 
recently is going dormant too early due to high temperatures in the 
greenhouse starting in March. This year I sent them out to the unheated 
coldframe in March, and they happily kept growing through June. Hence 
the extra corms for the BX.

NW of Boston

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