What to do with potted Lycoris radiata

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 21 Aug 2016 10:42:07 PDT
I don't grow Lycoris, having failed with several kinds, but I have a 
thought about Leo's remark:

> That doesn't matter at all. Late August before they bloom is the best time
> to move them. From their perspective there is no heat in Portland.
There is heat in Portland (Oregon -- maybe not in Portland, Maine!) in 
the summer, but because it's associated with  low atmospheric humidity 
(yesterday, 15%), it's hot only during the day. The temperature can fall 
40 Fahrenheit degrees (e.g. from 38 C to 15.5 C) between its peak in 
late afternoon to the low around 3 am. It is thought that this cycling 
is one reason some kinds of plants from east Asia and eastern North 
American don't grow well here, though some (e.g., Hosta) do well. In 
addition, because of the proximity of the cold Pacific Ocean, hot 
periods here tend to be short.

I would think that the US Southwest, where Leo lives, would be similar, 
but does the monsoon pattern bring atmospheric humidity there in late 
summer? We imagine deserts always have low humidity, but is that wrong?

Jane McGary
Portland, OR, USA

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