Excitement in the Greenhouse

Diane Whitehead ldiane.whitehead@gmail.com
Tue, 02 Aug 2016 17:13:56 PDT
My wasps prefer cool conditions.  The ground ones nest under large rhododendrons, and the paper ones will be in a shady tree or under a deck.

I find them very useful.  I move any potted plants that are covered in aphids near to a nest, and the wasps clean them up.

I put signs up to warn visitors.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria British Columbia, Canada

On 2016-08-02, at 1:57 PM, Matt Mattus wrote:

> I don't know why we still have not yet had a wasp nest in our greenhouse,
> but we did have one just outside the door this year which took a few days to
> eliminate in a boxwood shrub. I wonder it if gets too hot in the glasshouse
> with temps reaching near 115 deg. F  on sunny days?

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