Saffron Startup in Afghanistan

Erik Van Lennep
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 04:42:48 PDT
Hi Judy, thanks for sharing such a positive bit of news!

Bulbs alone may not save the world, but recovering traditional crops and
remembering how to tend the soil rather than strip-mining it....just might.
If we take inspiration from this and look locally for what we can do as
well as support efforts such as this one in Afghanistan there's more than
"just" hope. We can act knowing the impact is additive.

Sitting here on the coast of Spain I wouldn't mind having a bit of your
rainfall, and a few good thunderstorms. Could you ask the thunder gods to
send some of that in this direction?

Thanks :)




“I know of no restorative of heart, body, and soul more effective against
hopelessness than the restoration of the Earth.”

On 11 August 2016 at 22:36, Judy Glattstein <> wrote:

> Three army veterans and a civilian who served in Afghanistan have founded
> Rumi Spice, growing and exporting saffron. I wish them well.
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