Tecophilaea cyanocrocus "hybrids"

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:10:29 PDT
Paul wrote:

> I was surprised when one or two of the resulting seedlings turned out
purple (i.e. var. violacea). 

Thanks for sharing your experience, Paul. Very interesting!

In addition to your very sensible explanation, in the photos that were
shared from the rediscovery of the species in the wild, it looks like the
original species is quite variable. I raises a question as to whether the
varieties we have in growth today might actually be selections.

Unfortunately, I can't find any good-quality versions of those photos
online. All I found was a very low-res version, which you can see here:


Machine translation from the article text:

The morphology of the species found corresponds to T. cyanocrocus Leyb.;
however there are differences in the color of the tépalos. The tube is blue,
the tépalos in mostly white with blue veins and intense apex, which
coincides with the var. Leichtlinii existing in culture. This Infraspecific
taxa not listed in the Catalogue of the Vascular Flora of Chile (
Marticorena and Quezada 1985) , since it was never published. In the smaller
population 3 guys with completely white flowers found.

San Jose, CA

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