Fast Lycoris report

Kelly Irvin
Sat, 20 Aug 2016 18:17:34 PDT
Dear Jan:

Yes, you can water them thoroughly, but you shouldn't need to keep 
watering them. Potted Lycoris can be unpredictable. Maybe water now 
and 10 days from now.

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On 8/19/16 7:33 PM, Jan Jeddeloh wrote:
> So I bought Lycoris radiata from Brent and Becky’s this spring.  Planted them in a pot and kept them pretty dry.  This appears to be my bad.  The bulbs are firm and appear rooted.  So I should start dumping water on them even though it’s about 100F her today and similar forecast for tomorrow?
> Jan Jeddeloh
> Portland, Oregon, zone 8

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