Illahe Nursery was pbs Digest, Vol 163, Issue 7

Hansen Nursery
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 15:20:08 PDT
Rodger and all,

Mark has no database as such.  He types up a list, emails it to those
requesting it, and ships in order of receipts.  He's a small grower of very
specialized bulbs and does this once a year in August.  As he knows, I would
love to see him go into the business full-time, as such specialist growers
are dwindling far too rapidly.  Unfortunately, it's a lot harder to start up
a nursery and make it a full-time job than it was when I started 30 years
ago.  I just hope he hangs in there.  

And I also hope that as we all can, we encourage new young growers to get
into the specialty plant fields by supporting them in any way we can.  I've
watched the true specialist cyclamen growers dwindle to one or two, seed
collectors the same, and Nancy Wilson also... not good for any of us.

Hansen Nursery

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