Brian Mathew's 'The Bulb Newsletter' Collection
Tue, 30 Aug 2016 15:28:04 PDT
 I recall a conversation about digitizing Brian's Bulb  Newsletter  a while back.  

It may have even been during the days of the now deceased IBS.

Perhaps someone should contact Brian and see how he feels about the project.

There were 36 of them.  Last one dated 2001



On 08/30/16, David Pilling wrote:


On 30/08/2016 20:13, Roy Herold wrote:
> I have a full, bound set of Brian Mathew's 'The Bulb Newsletter' from 1993
> to 1997, Numbers 1 thru 20, plus indexes.They make for some very

I recently found a web site that had all the electronic construction 
magazines I bought years ago available for free download. Great.

The problem is copyright, before we think about starting, has Brian 
Mathew given permission to put this material on the web?

If that test is passed, I would be happy to put the files in the PBS web 

Someone would have to convert printed material to electronic media. 
Scanning, digital photography, perhaps Brian Mathew has the original 
word processor files.

David Pilling
North West England

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