Fast Lycoris report

James Waddick
Fri, 19 Aug 2016 14:48:14 PDT
Dear Jim and all,

	I am convinced water is essential to Lycoris bloom. Foremost is the fact that threse live in deciduous  forests, stream side and other places where they are never or rarely water stressed. In cultivation they seem to react to drought badly. They definiterly are not in need of summer baking. Most if not all are found in at least partial shade, but some tolerate more sun.

	I have repeatedly observed a delayed bloom, but almost instant recovery after a drenching rain.  Even though my  early Lycoris are done blooming a forecast of 1- 2 inches for tonight may well bring out some more of those that did not manage to push up stalks earlier.

	I am surprtised to find a single stalk of L. haywardii in bloom today. This is marginally hardy, but in a protected spot. Love the rich colors and wish it were more vigorous, but glad to see it even so.

	Hopefully the forecast rain will bring me more flower stalks.  Hoope everyone with a dry garden gets some rain soon.		Best		Jim W. 


On Aug 19, 2016, at 2:56 PM, James SHIELDS <> wrote:

Hi all,

A week or so ago, my Lycoris in the irrigated bed bloomed and are now
almost over.  In my non-watered beds,  there were only a few spotty
blooms.  On Friday (a week ago), Saturday, and Sunday, we had ca 3 inches
(ca. 75 mm) of rain here on my place.  Today, a mass of Lycoris chinensis
are bursting into bloom today, in the non-irrigated bed.

The water seems to play a big role in producing the blooms.


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