Fritillaria from tissue culture

Tim Eck
Sun, 11 Dec 2016 07:22:04 PST
I have very limited experience with tissue culture and similar procedures
like orchid and fern (spore) propagation and nut-grafting.  
Failure modes I have experienced or read about include:

Terrestrials often need charcoal in the agar to fully differentiate roots.
You may need some sort of humidity control or tent to wean them from near
100% in vitrio.  (Transplanting staghorn ferns at .5" size was done in the
bathroom with the hot shower providing the humidity.  Otherwise they would
be dead in seconds.)
Expect it to take a few years to achieve the vigor of a first year seedling.

Tim Eck

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> Subject: [pbs] Fritillaria from tissue culture
> Two friends who are also PBS members, Jan Jeddeloh and Emma Elliott,
> raised some Fritillaria eduardii in tissue culture using tissue from the
ovary of
> a bud on my only plant of this species. (They're having success with
> species.)  Jan would like to wean the young plants out of the agar medium
> now, but previous attempts (including one by me) have failed. F. eduardii
is a
> member of the Imperiales section, which includes the familiar garden
> Fritillaria imperialis and Fritillaria raddeana. Does anyone on this forum
> experience growing these by tissue culture, with success at the crucial
> of moving from sterile medium to growing in an ordinary pot? Can you offer
> advice, please?
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon
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