Bulbs reforming

arcangelo wessells via pbs pbs@lists.ibiblio.org
Thu, 08 Dec 2016 15:30:50 PST
I should have been more specific. I am particularly interested in the growth patterns of the Calochortus and Brodiaea

Hi Jim,
I am attaching links to two photos that may help with your question.
In both photos you can see the trail of obsolete bulb coats from previous years as they have pulled themselves deeper. You can also see the white of the current bulb moving out of the bottom of the most recent coat. Some of the bulbs had started to grow roots at this time. They continue to use the same "neck" as a conduit for their leaves to reach the surface. Leaf tips can emerge  bent and twisted if they had the old neck removed. 
I just went outside and unpotted two plants. One was probably flowering size, seven years old but was never fed in its early years. Both bulbs look like they are devoting themselves fully to growth. I do not know if they will move and remake their bulb coat before summer dormancy, but I would think so.
Not an answer, but I hope it helps.

Arcangelo Wessells
Vallejo CA 

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